failure to communicate

31 March 2008, 6:17 am

At the Abbey Lounge the other night I kept trying to figure out the name of the band advertised by this sticker:

I’m pretty sure it’s not Thunder Cl-phi-with-a-circumflex (note: φ with a ˆ is not an html character entity) My best guess is “Thunder Clip” but Googling for that as a band name doesn’t turn up much.

“Thunder Clap” would make more sense, but it’s nigh-impossible to Google, and I can’t convince myself I can parse an “A” outta that mess anyway.

7 comments on “failure to communicate”

  1. Julia

    Thunder Amp?

  2. Sue T.

    Thunder Zap?

  3. Editrix

    Thunder Glyphs?

  4. Editrix

    Thunder VoIP!

  5. 2fs

    I think it is “Thunder Clap” - or more accurately, “Thunder Cläp.” In a sense, it doesn’t matter: they’re obviously a metal band, and so I don’t want to see them, but metal fans could tell they’re a metal band, and so they’d want to see them. (”Thunder Cräp”?)

  6. villain

    …I was all “*where* are you people seeing an ‘A’!?” and then I suddenly realized that what looks to me like a circumflex could be the letter “A.” So I’m guessing Thunder Clap is right.

    2fs: It looks more punk than metal to me, although it does looks like the kind of punk I usually don’t like.

  7. Ezra

    Thunder Aliôop!

    If it is Thunder Cläp, I think the left side of the “phi” is the a, not the circumflex…

    Anyway, it does vaguely (vaguely) remind me of the logo of the software company whose miserable web scripting language was my first: Thunderstone! It advertised itself as a full RDBMS and search engine. The search claim was vaguely credible, though it would probably be more accurate to call it a set of fast pattern matching algorhtims. The RDBMS part… well, I made the mistake of actually trying to join two tables and put the “database” into production. When I called tech support after the server screeched to a halt, the guy said “um, we don’t actually recommend joining tables…” Good times.

    Anyway, it’s easily the most metal software logo I’ve ever seen.


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