patriots’ day synchronicity

21 April 2008, 7:33 pm

I’d never heard of Patriots’ Day before moving to Massachusetts, so it’s sheer coincidence that on April 20th (which splits the difference between the actual commemorated date and the day of observance) I happened to ride my bike to Lexington.

I found another one of the fake signs I enjoy so much, like Oh, You and The Kids Will Have [Their Day]:
3 signs

I was a little amazed that I could so quickly ride to places where mailboxes clump together:
mailboxes clumping

and where I could see horses:

Just like when I used to cross the Washington Beltway when riding the W&OD Trail, I found something profoundly surreal about standing above Rt 128 with all the cars and trucks whizzing by underneath me:

(It didn’t seem weird to go under the highway when I used to commute to Woburn. I think it’s the combo of using human-powered transport to reach a boundary I seldom cross and being elevated above that boundary that seems odd.)

By the time I got to the end of the trail at Bedford, I was beginning to worry about losing daylight coming back. I hadn’t planned a long ride, so I’d left the house without my tail-light (also without wallet, phone, and water bottle. Oops).

The Minuteman Bikeway follows not only Paul Revere’s famed ride of 1775, but also the old Boston & Main Railway line — so closely that in Lexington it passes right through the old station platform.

I loved the elaborate art of The Bike Stop. It was closed on my way home, but on the way out I wished I had my wallet so I could get water and some ice cream. Mmm, ice cream.

The sunset over Spy Pond was worth any worries about finishing the ride in late dusk.

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  1. Terri

    I love this post! It’s definitely a favorite. Please take your readers on bike journeys again in the future!


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