Toronto, Evening 1(b)

20 June 2008, 6:58 am

From the main observation deck of the CN Tower

Did the pitch cross the plate?

(I might need to see the replay.) Looking down on Rogers Centre from the observation deck of the CN Tower.

Marty on the glass floor

It makes creaky noises when he steps on it. I’m not a steeplejack or anything, but I don’t generally classify myself as “afraid of heights.” I thought this was pretty freaky, though. None of the trompe l’oeil art on the walls even registered with me at the time.

Me on the glass floor

I really do have both feet on the glass, it only looks like I have one foot on concrete — that’s the thickness of the floor below the pane. It was surprisingly hard for me to get both feet on the glass.

Toronto mosaic

Rogers Centre redux:

This shot is from the “Sky Pod” a second platform 100 metres above the main observation deck. At 446 metres, this is currently alleged to be the highest public observation deck in an artificial structure.

As it turns out, I think dusk was a pretty good time to shoot.

“Excuse me, is this Blade Runner?”

The building where we ran our tests is attached to the big flat building with the two red circles on it. Our hotel is visible at the top as well.

People with fancier cameras were doing fancy exposures showing multiple sky-to-ground lightning strikes, but I thought the approaching storm was plenty dramatic anyway

Mist over Lake Ontario

We’re back on the main deck on our way out.

An accidental shot of the glass floor area that I liked

Looking up from the base

It doesn’t look like a building as much as an abstract composition. I took similar sharper shots, but I liked this one best.

On the way back to the hotel we passed this sculpture, which seemed to combine elements of totem pole and woodpecker-victimized tree. Plus, lights! Next time, I want a closer look.

One last shot of the tower, from a few blocks away. See what I mean about how monstrously tall it really doesn’t look?

(There are bigger versions of these photos on summervillain’s flickr site)

3 comments on “Toronto, Evening 1(b)”

  1. Julia

    great pics, thanks for sharing. Unbelievable that a place like Toronto and my hometown, Nashville, are both called a “city”. Toronto looks like a space colony compared to Nashville.

  2. summervillain

    Toronto looks like a space colony compared to everywhere else I’ve ever been (except Times Square, which is such a deliberately artificial environment I almost think it shouldn’t count).

  3. 2fs

    I visited Toronto maybe ten years ago - it was a pretty cool place, as little of it as I saw.


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