funniest [redacted] subject line in a while

22 July 2008, 6:12 am

UCE subject line: Mccain says unsure if Obama a secret hippopotamus

I still want the bastards who send these things to all to go out of business and be forced to find honest work to feed their kids, but this one seems to capture the mood of the times, or anyway illuminate the current level of political discourse.

4 comments on “funniest [redacted] subject line in a while”

  1. Editrix

    Looks like Wonkette also picked up on this!

  2. villain

    Anecdotal evidence suggests this subject line may be more widely distributed than most. I got a copy of this one at work, too, which is pretty unusual.

  3. Sue T.

    I read something about this on last week — it’s the latest trend in spam, newsy subject lines so outrageous that you can’t help but click on them (if you’re gullible, anyway). I’ve gotten a couple along the lines of “Angelina Jolie aborts her fetuses” and “McCain calls for complete troop withdrawal.” But the hippo one is definitely in a class by itself.

  4. 2fs

    Too bad “Fox News Refers to Michelle Obama as ‘Baby Mama’” actually happened.


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