Rudy’s Can’t Fail (but my memory can)

9 July 2008, 7:34 am

Somewhat more than a year ago, a co-worker was leaving, and Rudy’s Cafe was proposed as the farewell lunch destination. I was way psyched, probably because the cod tacos sounded somewhat like the catfish tacos that Polly’s Cafe used to serve — one of my all-time favorites. We wound up going to Redbones instead. For a barbecue joint, Redbones is surprisingly vegetarian-friendly (espcially to the sort of faux-vegetarian who will sometimes eat cod or catfish), so I was ok with the swap, but have since nursed a desire to try Rudy’s even though the general opinion seems to be that it’s mediocre compared to other local Mex and/or Tex places like Forest Cafe and Jose’s.

This past Sunday we found ourselves practically on Rudy’s stoop and I found myself ravenous, and I proposed we slake my year-long Rudy’s-focused curiosity, and my wonderful girlfriend declared with some amusement that the exact same thing had already happened, and that I had, in fact, already been to Rudy’s. I simply could not recall this.

So I’m documenting the visit, in case my memory lapses again. Rudy’s codfish tacos are almost completely unlike Polly’s catfish tacos (which featured un-breaded catfish and a mayonaiseless slightly spicy jicama slaw OMG they were so good). But I really enjoyed Rudy’s version anyway (and got two meals out of the generously-portioned order). My friend Pat would surely have turned his nose up at the margarita, but it was cold and wet and had a perfectly adequate quantity of salt crusted on the rim, so my nose did no turning up.

3 comments on “Rudy’s Can’t Fail (but my memory can)”

  1. Sue T.

    There’s actually a cafe in Emeryville, CA called Rudy’s Can’t Fail:

  2. yr grl

    Next time, we’re walking a little longer and going to Tu y Yo!

  3. Julia

    If you’re ever in Nashville, pop down to Garcia’s Restaurant in Franklin. They serve awesome fish tacos - I think made with grilled grouper. Delish…


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