15 August 2008, 11:22 am


The most impressive LaLa trading envelope I’ve gotten yet - I had to share.
(I censored the email address. And if you’re wondering, it contained a singles collection from The Exploited. For the full impact, check out the larger version.)

2 comments on “DON’T LAUGH - DON’T SMILE”

  1. 2fs

    You’re actually still receiving items in trade from Lala? I think I’ve received only 2 in the last three months. I have 400 items listed on my want list, in a pretty broad range of popularity and styles. My thinking now is that I’m not sending anything out anymore until I get “even” - I’ve sent out about ten discs more than I’ve received - and once I am even, I’m quitting. I’m really disappointed in the shift in emphasis at Lala, and the way the new site goes out of its way to hide trading and make listing trades difficult.

  2. villain

    Yah, I’m still getting disc from Lala — I have a pretty fair list of things in high-demand, so I tend to run up my shipping-out max on a regular basis. Maybe it weights in my favor that I’m effectively sitting on things people really want until I get sent something.

    It’s not my place to tell you what to do, but why go ‘way mad? It’s not like it costs anything to be a member, and they’re definitely working to integrate the old Lala and the new Lala a little better — they’ve made some significant tweaks to the UI in the last 72 hours or so.


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