28 September 2008, 8:38 am

Let’s hear it for. . .


I have long been a booster of eMusic, which I think is the best legal digital music service for independent label releases. But my customer service interactions with them were only so-so, and they had a terrible rep in the music fora I frequented. It looks like they’re trying to turn that around, because I’ve had two positive interactions in the last two weeks:

  • I got speedy and non-condescending help on integrating the download manager with Google’s Chrome browser.
  • I used the new “Find a problem with a track? Let us know” widget and had an official response and an account credit within 24 hours. On a weekend.

Nice going, eMusic!

Christopher T.

Christopher T. hit my bike with his bike when I stopped abruptly. My derailleur was destroyed; his bike was (somewhat miraculously) intact. Christopher helped me get my bike (which wasn’t initially walkable, let alone ridable) to Cambridge Bicycle Exchange, which also deserves some kudos for wrenching the derailleur out of the wheel so I could at least walk it home. Then Christopher gave me his contact information, and ultimately sent me a check covering the cost of the required repair in full. Way to go, Christopher!

Rosenfeld Media

I ordered a Luke Wroblewski’s Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks (which, by the way, is great) from Rosenfeld Media. Eight pages were mis-set and damaged:
mis-set pages in book
Within hours of contacting the publisher, I had an email from Lou Rosenfeld himself, pledging to send me a replacement copy ASAP. No messing about with return authorization numbers and shipping back the defective book, just a new copy, stat. Awesometown. (Incidentally, Rosenfeld said mine was the only such case he’d heard of; I don’t want to create the impression that they are making up for quality control issues with customer service excellence.)

2 comments on “kudos”

  1. Sue T.

    I noticed a few weeks ago that my monthly eMusic charge had gone from $9.99 to $11.99 a month, and the number of my downloads jumped from 40 to 60. I guess $11.99 is now their minimum charge, but because I’ve been a subscriber for so long, they raised my monthly downloads (if you join today, you’d get 30 downloads/month for that price). Still a good deal, although 60 tracks/month is a LOT of music… more than I can absorb, quite frankly!

  2. 2fs

    I’m glad to hear that eMusic has improved its customer service…but “so-so”? Try “abysmal”: I have in my inbox a copy of an e-mail I sent them in *December 2007* which still has received no response. In fact, other than bad-track-reporting auto-replies, I can’t recall *ever* having received a response from them on any customer service issue. I could never find a phone number on the site, either, so I could only use e-mail. Other than that, I’ve always thought they were a brilliant service, with a great selection of music and really low prices per download.


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