days of delay

2 February 2009, 6:28 pm

If this were a reality show, I’d have no choice but to send “Days of Agreement #2″ to the judges in its current state, but since this is just reality, I’m going to hold it up to make sure I get a mix I’m satisfied with.

2 comments on “days of delay”

  1. Ezra

    “…no great man ever stops working till he has reached his point of failure: that is to say, his mind is always far in advance of his powers of execution. … and he becomes so accustomed to the feeling of dissatisfaction with the best he can do, that in moments of lassitude or anger with himself he will not care though the beholder be dissatisfied also. …And therefore, if we are to have great men working at all, or less men doing their best, the work will be imperfect, however beautiful.”

    –John Ruskin

    (Apologies for Mr Ruskin’s obvious-in-retrospect sexism).

    In other words, spit it out, Villain!

  2. villain

    Um, maybe, but you’re not going to be sorry I recut the guitar solo, and I’m confident that not mixing with exhausted ears is the right choice.

    Can’t help but think that a bunch of “(or hers)” would have fouled up Ruskin’s elegant structure. I wish “hir” and etc. didn’t look quite so silly to me, or that there were some aesthetically satisfying set of gender-neutral, but not inanimate, pronouns.


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