nerd levels off the charts

10 February 2010, 4:46 am

taun-taun sleeping bag and lightsaber chopsticks
I’m in a Taun-Taun sleeping bag, holding lightsaber chopsticks. Christmas day.
Yeah, somebody loves me.

4 comments on “nerd levels off the charts”

  1. somebody

    you bet your sweet wookiee i do!

  2. Terri

    Aw! It’s cuteness all over the place (and a charming sort of nerdiness).

  3. Janet

    MOST sweet n cozy! Have you had the opportunity to eat using the chopsticks while in the sleeping bag?

  4. somebody

    We employed the spacey chopsticks (and chopstick rests!) tonight for the sushi we ordered in. It was delicious and I think I felt the Force (or perhaps that was just thankfulness for the nice meal). The sleeping bag was folded up and watchful, however, on top of a bedroom bookshelf.


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