veggie hotdogs at Fenway

19 April 2010, 7:37 am

I was excited to learn that Fenway would be featuring veggie burgers and veggie hotdogs for the 2010 season and eager to try them out. Friday I had a chance to sample the veggie hotdogs (couldn’t find the burgers, maybe next game).

You may have to walk around the park for a bit to find the veggie options. I got my veggie dogs from a “Fenway Grill” stand on the Gate D concourse (on the outer side). I paid 5 bucks apiece for a standard size dog, which seemed reasonable by Fenway concession standards. Good news for vegetarians: they used a completely separate grill for the veggie dogs (it’s a waffle iron-ish thing that completely encases them). I thought they were comparable to Yves Natural — good mouthfeel and flavor.

The guys manning the grill seem surprised and a little curious to actually have a customer for these things, so if you’re a veggie Sox fan (or just want a healthier alternative to the traditional ball park frank) I hope you’ll try these out so they stay on the menu for next season.

update: There’s a concession map on the Red Sox site which is less than totally helpful.


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