partial list

24 November 2011, 4:56 am

in no special order except for #1

awesomest ever wife/best friend
the extra time we had with Theo
just being here
terrific friends
being able to move both sides of my face
being able to hand wash a heavy bowl without wincing
family stuff trending upwards
having a job at all
having a completely awesome job
being part of a great team
opportunities to make things better for people
serious challenges
a roof over my head and food on the table
our completely awesome home
really good health insurance
opportunities to worry about stuff at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy
steel frame bicycles
being able to ride 125 miles in one day
ridiculously awesome recording and performing experiences beyond the merit of my talent
punk fffffffn rock
the Marshall/Gibson pairing
the internets
the internets in my pocketssss
the freshly repaved stretch of Mass Ave
good coffee
MBTA, as flawed as it is
olives, oranges, bananas, and other perfect foods
high-brow lit’rature
not-so-high-brow lit’rature
a short vacation

One comment on “partial list”

  1. Janet ID

    Brilliant list! I just caught sight of it 2 weeks post-Thanksgiving, but it is making me feel very thankful today.


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