A book I’m searching for

1 June 2013, 11:45 am

(I may have some details wrong)
* probably targeted for what we’d now call the “tween” market (middle grade)
* published mid-late 70s
* book jacket copy mentions people suddenly finding large quantities of dead spiders
* I think jacket copy included rhetorical questions (e.g., “what is killing all the spiders?”)
* plot point: spiders we know here on Earth are devolved from larger, super-intelligent extraterrestrial spiders
* grayish cover?
* jacket copy MIGHT mention cat named “s.o.b.,” but now I think I am conflating it with another book. . .
* it’s definitely NOT “The View from the Cherry Tree.”

I’ve tried numerous searches for things like “kids book intelligent spiders outer space, ” nada. And I’m pretty sure it has no searchable text on books.google.com.

If you think you might know this book, please comment!


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