locked posts

There’s no copyright problem if I buy a magazine and clip a picture or article out of it to save. But if I put it on the public Web, I’m republishing it, not just keeping it for my own use. I think that exceeds the boundaries of fair use.

By protecting an image or an article with a password, I restrict access to a limited set of users. At that point it’s more as if I’m showing you something cool I clipped out when you come over to my apartment. I think that’s within the boundaries of fair use again.

That’s the deal with many of the locked posts — they contain material that belongs to other folks that I’ve archived for my own personal use and convenience. If you ask — you can use the link at the bottom of this page to email me — I’ll probably give you access. I might even use a very, very weak password, like as the path of this blog relative to the domain. (That’s a hint.)

The rest of the locked posts are notes for stuff that’s in-progress (mostly songs I’ve written but not recorded or necessarily even finished). It’s not ready for the scrutiny of the world at large.